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East Slavic girls are considered the most attractive in the world. Someone strongly supports this statement, others dispute it, but no one remains indifferent. The last thesis is the main indicator of the realism of this trend. Why is this happening?

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The beauty of Slavic women is the most obvious factor. Foreigners also like that Slavic wives devote a lot of time to self-care in order to look perfect and feminine all the time. In the West, such things are neglected today for the sake of practicality. Also, Slavic brides attract foreigners with a harmonious feminine physique.

But it is not so much external parameters that are important as family values as the basis of mentality. In the system of values of a Russian woman, the family is in the first place. This favorably distinguishes the Slavs from the Europeans, who for the most part have become careerists. Family traditions focus does not mean that a woman locks herself at home. Most of the Slavs have a good education and successfully realize themselves in work. But a Russian or Ukrainian woman never puts her career above her spouse and children, her desire for self-realization does not harm the family. Most Slavic women get married and have children shortly after 20 years. Perhaps this feature of Russian women is due to the fact that patriarchal traditions operate in society. Despite formal equality, men are considered to be in charge, and women are assigned the role of keepers of the hearth. Russian girls grow up and are brought up in a similar atmosphere and carry these beliefs into adulthood. Also worth mentioning is innate femininity and the ability to keep home life under control.

As a result, the interest in marriage with Russian, Belarusian and Ukrainian girls for Americans, Canadians, Western European men is very high. Slavs are a combination of beauty and thrift, sensuality and humility; and family values come first. What do they have to do in order to create a new family with a Slavic beauty?

Desperate people can go to Russia and Ukraine to meet on the spot. Perhaps the most courageous and sociable luck smiles, but this is a great risk and many difficulties. It takes a lot of adventurism to decide on such an action. Most of the Western men prefers online dating. This is a simple decision and does not require big steps at the beginning of the knowing each other.

However, most dating sites and apps for Slavic beauties are a dubious way to find a mate for a serious relationship. For this, there are special sites with those exclusively interested in marriage and moving to a husband. Also, there are agencies that help men from the West and girls from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus to meet.

Want to try to find your love online? Try the features of Marmeladies.com.

What is Marmeladies.com

Marmeladies is an international site for dating Slavic women from all over the world. It is mainly used by men from prosperous countries of the world who register here in the hope of finding a beloved woman with traditional views on family and having children in the near future. The age of the girls on the site is an order of magnitude lower, and there are mainly young beauties who dream of stability in a prosperous country with a caring and responsible husband.

The site has been operating since 2007, and during this time many success stories have accumulated here. Scam also takes place, because without this phenomenon, densely populated public dating sites cannot do without. The administration is trying to identify dishonest users and restrict their access. That is, here you need to be careful from the very beginning, so as not to get an unpleasant experience. If this rule is followed, then Marmeladies will bring a lot of positive emotions to the user.

First look at the website

The site is made in the best traditions of the 2000s Internet, and this is obvious at first glance. Small fonts, a combination of black background and white text, a minimum of functional elements give the idea that the developers have not updated the site since the launch. The design doesn't look modern enough for the 2020s, and that's not the best side of Marmeladies. However, if the user is ready to pass by the first impression, then he has the opportunity to discover great love, because the main services of the site work effectively. Overall, the project is on par with most modern dating sites with Slavic women, and the performance indicators are good.

In general, the first impression of the site is not bright enough, but the logic of the developers is easy to understand. Minimalism allows it to be understood by a wide range of technically inexperienced users, and this helps to expand the audience at the expense of people 40+ years old, and they are the main target category here. Many of these sites are focused on being extremely simple. However, the visual component does not hurt to update in a cosmetic sense.

The home page of the site offers the user to quickly register using a form with personal data to fill out, or synchronize with the current profile on Facebook. It also contains a quick search bar for people, examples of user profiles in the feed, as well as site news and stories.

The site footer contains technical pages such as terms of use, privacy policy, partner information and site description. It also contains the top 100 profiles of girls. Who knows, maybe the main love of the user's life is located there?

By registering, a person can start using the site. You can view the profiles without registering. Registration without Facebook takes a minimum of time and requires confirmation by email.

Search for girls

Marmeladies offers two standard and proven ways to find the perfect girl profile in all respects. They are presented on the first page in the header of the site.

First, there are Profiles. If you do not have clear preferences and trust your intuition, then the best attempt would be to look through the catalog of girls. All profiles are available here without sorting. The user just needs to flip through the pages and view the questionnaires that interest him. Everything is presented succinctly with a clear photo and brief information. Young girls are in the majority, but there are a lot of beautiful mature ladies 30+ and even 50+. This means that choosing a beauty for every taste is not difficult.

The second search option is suitable for those who clearly know the needs. Click on "Search" and indicate the age range, height, weight, eye color, education, life preferences and other parameters of interest for the future beloved woman. After specifying the parameters, the site will provide the user with a selection of the most relevant questionnaires. Next, you need to make a choice and make an acquaintance.

Forms and functions for dating

Having chosen a girl, the man goes to her profile. Here you can find information that will help you make the final decision for dating. The user can view the photo gallery. The administration encourages girls to publish high quality professional photos, and this helps to find out their merits in the best way. It also contains a list of basic parameters and vital interests, plus the texts "about myself" and "expectations from a partner", which are written in free form.

If the girl is interested, then she can be added to Favorites for correspondence in the future. To get attention, you need to send her a "kiss". To start the correspondence, you should write a message. To increase the likelihood of a favorable response, you can give "flowers" here, which immediately indicates the seriousness of intentions. All functions are located in each girl's profile.


You can view profiles and personal information of Russian and Ukrainian ladies even without registration. But for dating and communication, you will need to pay real money. To do this, the user replenishes the account on the site and receives credits. Credits can be used to pay for messages, etc. Each message costs a certain amount of credits, and it is worth making sure that there are enough credits. Otherwise, communication can be interrupted at the most inopportune moment. Credits are sold in standard packages of 10 to 250 units. The larger the package of credits, the cheaper the cost of 1 unit. Credit prices are average compared to competitors' sites. There are no premium accounts on Marmeladies


There is no information about systematic violations and deception on Marmeladies in the reviews. There are dissatisfied users who have encountered a scam, and this is due to the complete openness of the site to a wide range of users. Otherwise, it's really possible to find real girls here.

Mobile app

The site owners do not strive for technical innovation, which is evident from the outdated design. Accordingly, Marmeladies app is not offered to users. Alternatively, you can use the mobile version of the site, which works quite efficiently and stores all the functions in full.


Marmeladies is another way to meet Russian and Ukrainian beauties to create a family. There is a high probability that you will find your love here, because the catalog of real users is quite large. The technical component of the site is outdated, but everything is done very minimalist, convenient, and the use of the site does not cause discomfort due to aesthetic imperfections. This is an old-fashioned but proven way to find your great Slavic love.

  • Easy to use
  • Easy registration
  • Number of accounts
  • Quality of profiles
  • Simplicity of search
  • Customer Support
  • Price
  • Financial Security


  • Innovation Features


  • Services Variety


  • Scam


  • Free photo access


  • Free message sending


  • Two-way video chat


  • Easy navigation on the site, many beautiful female photos
  • Many fraudulent profiles of women, high price for communication, poor work of support service, lack of a mobile application
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