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Dating.com real reviews, opinions from forums, legit or fake - complete analysis

The true information about site Dating.com

Dating.Com is one of the largest projects for discovering foreigners for love and marriage. The site helps to find couples of people who live long distances in different world’s locations. The brand has existed for a long time and has a fairly good and reliable reputation. Users highly value the site for its ease of entry, registration and use, a real base of profiles and the administration's fight against fakes. It is also can be presented as the one of the gay dating sites.

The project has certain disadvantages, and this requires it to be pointed in detail before using and recommending it. We will deal with a detailed review of the site, its capabilities and reputation further so everyone can add up his voluminous opinion before using it, compare all the pros and cons.

Best for

Just chatting
Based on 0 ratings

Basic information about the project

This is a worldwide dating site. It is focused on finding partners from other regions. There are no restrictions on age, sexual preferences, religion. People are searching for love among foreigners and have such an chance here, and the probability of the match is high, as evidenced by a large and long-term base of reviews all over the Internet. If not love, then users find an option here to talk. The basics of use are quite free, and there is no strict focus on building a family between potential partners. There are other specialized places for such requests.

The main model of using the site at the same time is between wealthy men like Italian men, Swedish men, and young ladies from less prosperous regions (who dream of stability and rich life). Often the practical interests of people converge and are complemented by sincere love in a couple. And the website is dedicated to helping people from all over the world.

What are the options of getting a couple here? They are great because the site has over one million profiles. New people registers here every day. The percentage of real users from this number is also high, because the administration monitors scam and blocks suspicious accounts after due verification. Statistics also show that the site is equally useful for men and women, because the number of users by gender is approximately the same. Most active male users are in the 35-55 age. Women are generally younger, and almost all of these ones are looking for senior chat, but the number of middle-aged women is also quite large. Young man rarely uses it for mature dating.

How to start using site Dating

The user just needs to go to the site and go through a simple registration process to start using the available options. The main page is available here: www dating com. Please don’t use date.com because this link doesn’t work

The site is made in a soft design with a minimum of functional elements. The interface is intuitive, and everyone can quickly get the info they need and register without difficulty.

Basic registration includes the following steps: the user specifies a name, e-address and passkey, as well as number of full years and gender. This is info that allows him to be present on the site as a registered user, as well as to be indexed. After registration, the user can use the functions immediately without verification from the specified email. The registration process will take no more than 3 minutes, but it should be borne in mind that such a system is fertile ground for the appearance of fakes and fraudsters. The site administration removes them and strives to maintain a "white" reputation openly, but there are risks of deception.

After registration, in order to make the quality of search and recommendations better and the most relevant, the user can add photos and detailed info about himself to his own account. This helps to find couples more efficiently.

How to start dating on the Dating website

The project has a convenient pair search system. Each user can browse the full catalog of profiles to find the necessary options for dating manually. This is a long enough process without a guarantee, and each person can try the search by parameters to narrow the search. The user can also specify gender, age, preferences, and so on. There is a convenient big search tool and it is free for everyone. The most useful advanced search functions are displaying nearby people by location, searching for the most popular and newest profiles available to check. Also, person can also find users with the most recently added photos. This is a useful feature that many other competitors do not have.

Overall, the range of free features is slightly wider than many other similar sites. It is still not enough for full-fledged communication, but it can be considered a plus for the initial acquaintance with the site and its functions.

In any case, after searching, a person finds an interesting profile and decides to contact this person. What can be done for this? To do this, go to the person's page, where everyone can see photos and extended info. If everything is OK, then the user can start a conversation. This is a paid feature, but the addressee of the first message gets the right to reply for free. That is, this service is cheaper for girls. Users can use special signs to attract first attention of an interesting person, and this feature is free and good for getting started. If someone responds, this is the time to think about paid services. By the way, full user photo galleries are available only to premium account owners.

In addition to messages, online chat is presented here. Not all popular features like video chat are presented. Get ready for text communication if someone plan to build dating here.

What does profile information includes

Dating.com developers have done their best in terms of the quality of profiles. Here it is possible to type a very detailed user profile. This helps people find each other in any way. The info in the profile is organized in a readable manner, and acquaintance will take a minimum of time. Each site member is in the palm of those who are interested in him.

There project have no hidden profiles. The site www dating com has a verification procedure that allows person to increase the credibility. If the user write to a verified user, then he can be sure of the reality of this person. All profiles are equipped with a compatibility mapping that is calculated based on the info provided. In addition to the standard fields, each person can write in the free fields any info about themselves and their preferences in finding a partner.

In general, the info is organized so that there are few fakes, and it is easy to recognize a fake profile. If there is a suspicion, then each user can notify the administration quickly for verification.


As we described earlier, users have the opportunity to browse the site for free at a basic level. Many interesting features come at no cost, and this helps give an initial impression of a site's reliability.

If the user has a clear goal to look for a partner and he needs to texting, then he will have to buy a paid account. That is, a person pays a certain amount of money for a certain period of using the website and can use all the tools. It is more convenient than the payment system for each action on the site, and all modern online dating services use this option.

There are a pair of types of subscriptions available: Gold and Platinum. Gold includes all the basic features the user need to communicate. Platinum allows him to use all the tools in principle.

Everyone can subscribe for one month, three months or a whole year. The longer the subscription, the cheaper the cost of 1 month of using the service. The prices are between 10-35 dollars per month. These price tags are fairly typical for these dating sites. There are worst quality websites that ask for the same prices or even more.

Please note that paid account will automatically renew. The user must cancel subscription so that the plastic card will no longer be automatically debited at the end of each reporting period.

Mobile version

The site has a mobile version. It works well on most devices, and all functions are preserved in full. The app is also available, but there is a version for Android. IPhone users cannot use it. The interface is very simple and friendly, and encourages pleasant and unobtrusive communication.

More about the Dating com reviews

The project has a long-term and positive reputation. And, there’s a lot of good dating reviews. The administration focuses on the reliability of the site and suppresses fakes. Sometimes users are faced with a scam, but this is a rarity that happens everywhere. Users consider the main advantage of the site to be the ability to find an interesting person for a very accurate query.


Dating.com is very simple and convenient for a wide range of users. Here they find real love from other countries, and the site contains many verified user profiles. Dating is a fairly old project, but the site administration takes into account the needs of customers and the market, and the project is gradually developing. The design and usability correspond to modern standards, and use from a mobile device is possible. It is a reliable way to meet foreigners for the sake of finding love. This website is one of the hookup sites that are not scams

  • Easy to use
  • Easy registration
  • Number of accounts
  • Quality of profiles
  • Simplicity of search
  • Customer Support
  • Price
  • Financial Security


  • Innovation Features


  • Services Variety


  • Scam


  • Free photo access


  • Free message sending


  • Two-way video chat


  • A good platform for viewing beautiful male and female photos. There is a mobile application.
  • This site is made to pump out your money. Instead of profiles on this site, a robot or a site employee communicates with you, you receive hundreds of messages of the same type. At the same time, they send such messages en masse to all men, it is easy to check if you create a second profile with a different name on this site. The support service responds with generic phrases and does not solve your problem. The mobile application is not synchronized with the main site.
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