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Ladadate real reviews, opinions from forums, legit or scam - complete analysis

LadaDate owns more than 50 offices in Slavic countries, so the focus on Slavic brides is understandable. The company behind the project is LD PROJECT LLP that is registered in the UK. 

Men are surprised that such gorgeous girls look for the soulmate. They think that such beauties should be always surrounded by a bunch of men.  Let us explain why this is an absolutely normal situation. First of all, it’s important to know that women surpass in number in some countries. These ladies prefer to have a wider choice. Why put up with what you have at your disposal if the whole world is open for you? Secondly, Western men tend to be more attentive to women than local men who don’t appreciate the treasure right beside them.

Best for

Just chatting
Based on 0 ratings

Signing up

The platform pursues the noble aim of trying to help individuals from different countries of the world to find the only one and acquire mutual love. The focus is made on the comfort and safety of the members of the community therefore we ask the ladies to withstand the verification process to make sure that all stunning ladies you can see in the gallery are genuine.

The team of developers designed the website with the customers’ convenience in mind. Therefore, you will not have to enter the data into numerous boxes during the registration. It’s enough to mention the name, age, and your email at first. The process of registration is completed. Now you can contact any lady you like on the site and wait for her answer. Don’t forget to mention your basic information after the signup procedure. The worthy ladies can be also demanding and also study the profile information before dealing with you. If you want to capture her attention, think thoroughly about what to write in your profile to reflect your personality. However, you should not exaggerate when you portray your advantages. The lady should see the real you and not somebody you are not. Write your bio in short, your occupation, age, and age criteria to make the list of ladies writing to you eligible.

The registration is a true pleasure. It’s effortless and fast. The ladies can’t browse male profiles, which is a bit unfair but efficient. They can also see men if they are eligible for their requirements.

The questions are quite usual. You can find a similar questionnaire on other dating resources as well. It’s better not to neglect them and give true answers as this affects the efficacy of the company’s matching mechanism. It’s essential to upload the current photo. Don’t be embarrassed to do that. If you are serious and want to achieve success, this is a necessary step.

Making Contact

It is not allowed to get the contact data for men who want to get in touch with the girls directly. It might be a problem for some members of the community. Men start thinking that something’s wrong with the service and it presents fake ladies. Actually, the service doesn’t allow to exchange contacts as this is a source of their income, first of all. The team supporting the company may also mention the other reason for communication within the frames of the service. It helps to avoid scammers that are restricted to the service. The way they behave with you and other men reveal their true intentions – to take advantage of naïve men who look for the soulmate. They might ask for money to solve their problems or to buy a ticket to come to meet them: the scenarios can be different and it’s hard for men to expose such ladies. They cast a shadow on the service and other girls who sincerely look for the soulmate. It’s expensive and time-consuming to try to reveal their lies. Isn’t it easier to rely on a professional team of a dating company? It will not let scammers fool you as their reputation is at risk.

The website is focused on men looking for Russian and Ukrainian brides. The critics are surprised to see many identical letters from absolutely different ladies with different characters that make them suspicious. However, those who write LadaDate reviews should take into consideration that letters are translated by the same translators who use the same vocabulary, and the same style of expressing thoughts. This affects the tone of the letter making them look similar. It would be all different without the language barrier, but since there is always an intermediary in correspondence, the perception can be somewhat different.

Profile Quality

Some men prefer a more focused search when they can see all information about the lady without guessing her age, height, intentions, and other important things. In this case, the dating website becomes the best solution. The profile includes the main basic information on this website so it is not a problem to find the candidate that caters to your needs.

All men know that mainly women from a certain range of countries are the most eligible brides thanks to their environment, surrounding, culture, and upbringing. Isn’t it easier to narrow down the search from the very start to find the soulmate with features you expect to see in your future wife? This site provides such an opportunity. The quality of the profile enables an efficient process of search.

The girls look like supermodels but that should not discourage you. They are absolute simple girls in real life ready to become housewives, raise kids, and be ideal wives caring about the family. The fact that women can be found on different resources shouldn’t distract you as well. It has nothing to do with LadaDate scam as you might think. When you look for the soulmate, you do it actively applying to different resources or the girl applies to the dating agency that places its candidates on different sites. Therefore, it may seem suspicious for you but this is a real practice in reality.


It seems that the site doesn’t offer a mobile app currently. We will try to follow the news to see when the resource becomes more friendly for mobile users.

Real Life Review

“If you haven’t tried Ladadate still, you can apply to this dating site, it’s not that expensive as other services I tried before. But the main thing is the choice of girls I liked a lot. There are many young and beautiful ladies among them. Some of them are with kids from previous marriages, but there are a lot of girls who have never been married. Despite that, all of them are so experienced. I was surprised to see that they are good housewives when I came to Ukraine for a visit. It didn’t work out eventually but was very close to what I wanted, so I am going to try again. I am corresponding with a girl Tatjana and she is a real angel. We’ll meet soon to see if we are really suitable as it seems to us”.

John Richards, Massachusetts, USA

Design and Usability

Those who are looking for potential brides, decide to take a more proactive method should use the search operate that will narrow down the selection of suitable ladies on the service. It’s possible to enter the details that are significant for you.

The simplicity of functions is one of the priorities of using the resource. It’s really effortless to narrow down the search with all the functions available on the service.

The design of the service is very appealing and user-friendly. It’s pleasant to browse the website with a modern design and clean, uncluttered interface. It’s also worth mentioning intuitive and easy navigation due to the logical placement of content blocks. Visitors may also like a nice color pallet on the site performed in deep blue and white.

It should be said that ladies are divided into groups basing on their ethnicity and faith for the most part. Thus, you can find Russian Brides, Ukrainian Brides, Asian Brides, Mail Order Brides, Senior Dating, Christian, Catholic, Interracial, Muslim. If these aspects are of no importance, you can select the category “All Ladies”.

The members can define additional criteria to the search, filtering the ladies’ ID, or online/offline status. Clicking the button “Additional”, more specific criteria can be added such as command of English, the color of eyes, age, height, etc.

Costs and prices

The Lada Date service allows buying credits in packages. Messaging is paid in the service. Men can add the lady he likes to the list of favorites, and this action is free. Also, you shouldn’t pay for incoming messages. All other actions require credits and you should have enough of them on the balance of the account to start some paid actions. It’s not allowed to start a chat just with any girl. The man should write a letter to the girl first and ask for permission to chat with her online. The service allows getting contact data of a girl. However, it’s necessary to send at least 15 letters to a girl to be entitled to receive her contact info. Alternatively, the person can spend over 3 hours with her in the live chat.

The prices for other services differ depending on the type of service. For example, the cost of the ongoing letter is 7 credits. Those who want to buy the lady’s info should buy 25 credits for it.

It’s possible to make payments with MasterCard or VISA to top up the account.

Comparison with other services

What is good about the service, is that it doesn’t focus on the present communication of two parties only. It wants to participate in the development of the relationship that will possibly thrive further. Therefore, the quality of service is a priority of the LadaDate service.

The number of couples who found happiness together thanks to this service exceeded 100 families long ago, and you have the opportunity to enter this group. Men might think that they need to do something extraordinary to attract the lady from the other country. Therefore, they order gifts, video talks, and ready to make a long journey to see country to spend some time with the lady of your dreams.

Special features

LadaDate provides the opportunity to chat online with a lady of your dreams. The live chat is available round-the-clock without holidays and days off.

The service enables the opportunity to give gifts to the ladies as was mentioned above. A powerful anti-spam policy protects you from scammers.

Special features also include different means of contact with the girls. It’s possible to use text chat, video talk, or to meet the girl during the romantic trip. Some men hurry to make proposals to the woman of their dreams as it seems to them. We urge them to take time to make sure this is a perfect match for them. After some time of watching her behavior, it’ll only confirm your choice if she is really the One. After it happens, you will be able to marry your ideal woman and stay with her for many happy years together!

Editors conclusion

The selection of ladies is large. There are hundreds of girls there from diverse international locations. It should be mentioned that a lady just can’t sign in there. This option is available for men only. The database of ladies presented on the resource is from the girls that enter the local marriage agencies cooperating with the website. Supposedly, it is easier to control the situation this way. Nevertheless, it’s possible to find brides from absolutely different cities and towns. If the ethnicity of the girl worries you, this is not a big problem with such a huge database.


Is it possible to delete the account on the Ladadate website?

The functionality allows disabling your Lada date account. You can do it on your own in the special section known as an account setting. Alternatively, it’s possible to send a corresponding request to the support team of the service.

What should I do if the girl regularly asks for money?

It is recommended to contact the support team that would review her activity on the website and analyze her correspondence with other men. If she is a scammer, the representatives of the team will take measures to exclude her from the service.

Is it safe to use the service?

This is an absolutely safe service with HTTPS/TLS encrypted protection, meaning that money transactions are 100% protected and transfer to hackers is excluded. Also, it’s important to know that all ladies are carefully checked prior to registration.


Did you try to use this service? Was it helpful for you? It would be great if you share the information about its use with other men who look for a reliable service to find a partner for future life.


There are a lot of services with similar functionality. However, it can be a unique combination of features making the service stand out. If you find LadaDate a suitable service with all the required functionality, it can be a great alternative for you, especially if you find there a candidate you like so much. Actually, the service includes everything necessary for proper communication and future development of a relationship, so why not try the service?


  • Easy to use
  • Easy registration
  • Number of accounts
  • Quality of profiles
  • Simplicity of search
  • Customer Support
  • Price
  • Financial Security


  • Innovation Features


  • Services Variety


  • Scam


  • Free photo access


  • Free message sending


  • Two-way video chat


  • Many photos of beautiful girls, user-friendly interface of the site, the ability to read letters of girls for free
  • This site is just a scam, different girls send you the same letters, how can this even be? As soon as you go to the site, immediately your mailbox begins to fill up with chat invitations and letters. The bot mailing is obviously working. No mobile app.
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