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Choose Wedding Shoes


How to Choose the Bride's Shoes for a Wedding

Wedding shoes are an important part of the bride’s look. When choosing them, you should try to achieve a balanced combination with the rest of the attire. A well-chosen pair of shoes is not only a guarantee of comfort, but it also acts as a stylish finishing touch bringing all the elements of the ensemble together. There are several main points that will help the bride to become the owner of the "right" pair of wedding shoes.

The Comfort of Wedding Shoes

Wedding events usually start early in the morning and end closer to midnight. It is a good idea to wear comfortable footwear as the couple will spend a significant part of the holiday on their feet smiling happily. If the budget allows it, you can buy several pairs of shoes for different parts of the wedding. For example, for the official registration, you can wear elegant high-heeled shoes, and for a photo shoot, you can choose more comfortable pumps. For the reception and the first dance, a pair of elegant and stylish shoes with medium-sized heels will be a good choice.

The comfort of wedding shoes is one of the most important moments that allows the bride to feel comfortable throughout the festive day. If you are having a winter wedding, then purchasing several pairs of wedding shoes becomes especially important.

The Style of the Bride's Shoes

You can find stylish wedding shoes, which should look great with the bride's dress. It should be kept in mind that if the outfit is decorated with many small elements, it’s a good idea to go for shoes of a more restrained style. It is important that the jewelry on the shoes should not be massive or distract attention from the overall look.

Modern wedding fashion does not limit the choice of the bride’s shoe styles. Even the most prejudiced fashionistas will be able to choose the perfect pair among the many varieties: classic ones, ballet shoes, sandals, boots, and shoes with heels or platforms.

It is always recommended to choose shoes focusing on the style of dress. For a short wedding dress, ballet flats or stilettos are the best option, and for a Greek-style dress, open shoes with a low heel, or sandals. With a lush and airy outfit, you can wear almost any type of shoes, but it is better to choose shoes with heels or wedges as they will look higher. A dress with a straight silhouette goes well with the style of classic heels.

The height of the shoes should be chosen according to the dress length. When a bride puts on her shoes, the bottom of the dress should be 2-3 cm away from the floor. It is a great idea to choose a heel of the height that the bride prefers to wear in everyday life. This will help her reduce fatigue and discomfort during the responsible day. For the bride, who is pregnant, it is a nice idea to wear shoes with small heels or ballet flats.

The Color of Shoes

Traditionally, shoes are chosen to match the color of the wedding dress. Sometimes the shoes can be two shades darker. In addition to the classic white, there are such shades as ivory, pastel colors, and champagne. When going to buy shoes, take a sample of the fabric of the wedding dress to the store.

Modern fashion gives brides the opportunity to choose wedding shoes in bright and juicy colors. The main rule, in this case, is a balanced combination of all colors in the outfit: the dress, the shoes, and all the wedding accessories such as a handbag, bouquet, ribbons, belt, or brooch.

However, the wedding outfit remains one of the few outfits in which it is desirable to adhere to a single color palette.

Breaking the Rules

According to an old superstition, wedding shoes should be cover most of the feet. Otherwise, family wealth and happiness can "leak" through them. Whether to follow this tradition or not to pay attention to it is the choice of newlyweds, which are very often subject to fashion trends. Of course, for a summer wedding, it is still recommended to choose open shoes or light sandals.

Useful Tips

In conclusion, there are a few practical tips to help you avoid mistakes when choosing your wedding shoes.

First, it is recommended to go to a shoe store closer to the evening, when the feet are a bit swollen.

Secondly, according to the rules of etiquette, shoes should be worn on stockings or tights so try on shoes better on stockings or pantyhose of the same density.

Third, the quality of wedding shoes is an important point. Do not try to save money by buying shoes of poor quality.

Fourth, new wedding shoes should be bought around 2 weeks before the holiday so the bride has enough time to wear them for 10-15 minutes a day around the house.