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Wedding Reception Peculiarities


How to Organize a Wedding Banquet: All Peculiarities

A wedding reception is a special point of the celebration, which requires careful preparation and considerable effort. Now more and more newlyweds prefer to arrange a wedding feast in a restaurant, cafe or club as it frees them from many worries. They do not need to rush in search of furniture, table linen, utensils, and appliances, buy the necessary products, cook various meals and snacks, serve guests, and do the cleaning after everyone goes home. But even if you decide to celebrate the wedding away from home, the preparation for the reception should be approached seriously and in advance which is at least a month before the wedding.

Celebration at a Restaurant

Usually, in reception halls, there are from 25 to 120 seats. Choosing a room, consider the location of the holiday table, table for fruit, tea, coffee, and the wedding cake. It is important to provide a space for dancing, check the availability of a wardrobe, a toilet, and a smoking area. It is important to discuss with the administration who provides food and alcohol and what will be the menu.

It is essential to save time and effort and hire a reception expert or a company. Companies that are engaged in this type of service have successfully gained a position in the restaurant business providing services for receptions, dinners, meetings, and presentations. First of all, it is a help in the preparation of the menu from a variety of snacks, hot dishes, drinks, and desserts. Secondly, they provide the necessary furniture: tables and chairs. In addition, the duties of the catering company include the proper design of the reception hall.

However, the organization of the holiday can be done without intermediaries and directly by the cafe or restaurant. After all organizational issues are resolved, a deposit is required (the sum is set by the restaurant administration).

Accommodation at the Wedding Table

At the table, the bride and groom take their places. Then the parents of the newlyweds sit down, then the best men, and honored guests. The place of each guest is usually designated by a card with a name. According to ancient customs and the law of hospitality, any person that enters the house should be treated as welcome guests.


The organizational aspects are followed by the preparation of the menu. At the same time, it is a good idea to discuss in detail each of the meals and maybe even conduct a preliminary tasting. The choice of meals depends on the tastes of the newlyweds.

The sequence of serving the meals is also discussed in advance and largely depends on the desire of the customers. Here, however, there are certain rules: first cold and spicy snacks from salted and marinated fish are served as well as caviar. They are followed by stuffed, jellied, and boiled fish, followed by crabs, lobster, squid, crayfish, mussels, oysters, and salads with fish and seafood.

If the menu includes hot snacks (for example, hot sandwiches, julienne), they are served immediately after the cold snacks.

Between hot snacks and dessert, you must have a break for dancing.

A Reception at Home

Saving on renting fees, you will have to do the preparation of the menu, cooking, and table service. If the newlyweds have relatives, who are ready to help, this option is quite good with a small number of guests. If the bride and groom decide to celebrate the event with friends then instead of a big reception they can arrange a buffet and free some space for dancing. The word "buffet" is translated from French as "fork", which means that the meals served on such a holiday are easy to put on a fork and put in your mouth. A variety of snacks is the best option.