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Wedding Dress Superstitions


Wedding Dress: Superstitions and Mysteries

What are the superstitions and traditions associated with the choice of color and style, sewing, fitting and buying of a wedding dress? In addition, you will learn why the groom should not see the bride in a dress, what to do with the outfit after the wedding, and how to protect yourself from the evil eye and attract good luck and love to the family life.

Different Colors and Their Meanings

The traditional color of the dress is white, and it symbolizes innocence, purity, and joy. The white dress also denotes a white leaf, which begins a new life of a woman as a wife and a guardian of her own house.

However, an increasing number of brides nowadays prefer other colors to white to stand out from the crowd.  

If you are also among them you should read more about different colors and their meanings.

The gold color is a symbol of wealth, prosperity, and good luck in your endeavors. A golden wedding dress is able to attract a stable financial flow and career success in your family life.

The silver color is not the best option for a wedding dress. It is believed that the couple will divorce quickly or will live without consent or mutual understanding.

The pink color symbolizes tenderness, love, and romantic feelings. This outfit can contribute to long and happy family life, but according to some versions, this color is able to bring financial difficulties to the newly formed family.

A red wedding dress protects the bride from the evil eye and the influence of bad people. In addition, the red color symbolizes the wisdom and maturity of the bride.

Opinions about the purple color of the wedding dress also vary. According to some sources, it means a sudden divorce or the emergence of strong love and deep affection of the spouses to each other.

A black wedding dress is not accepted in almost all European countries as this color is considered sad and is said to foreshadow an extremely unhappy family life, a lot of tears, and possible widowhood.

A dark blue wedding dress can lead to the fact that one of the spouses will be completely indifferent to the desires and opinions of the other.

A light delicate blue color symbolizes purity and sincerity in the relationship. The marriage promises to be happy and extremely strong because the couple will not have secrets from each other and will be as open and honest as possible.

Green is a symbol of modesty because this color of the wedding dress is likely to lead to a modest but happy family life without excessive financial benefits.

The orange color symbolizes respect from people around.

Brown, as well as black, does not promise anything good in family life.

A beige outfit can lead to adultery and frequent quarrels.

Buying the Bride's Dress

The color of the dress is certainly very important, but the correct purchase of attire is also of great importance. The wedding dress must be new and not rented.

In addition, someone else's dress can give you a charge of negative energy from the previous bride as there is no way to know about the fate of each of them.

You should not marry in a dress that you have after the first, unsuccessful marriage as there is a risk of repeating an unhappy experience. You can sew a dress with your own hands.

Pay special attention to the selection of wedding shoes. You should not wear sandals. There should be only neat closed shoes as open shoes symbolize poverty and misery. If you buy a dress for cash, the change should be kept and not spent for at least the next three months.

The Right Style

The right style of the wedding dress can also affect successful family life. It should not be too many different weaves and knots as this will lead to a confusing relationship between husband and wife. The dress should not be mini as the longer the outfit is, the longer the family life will be.

How to Try on a Dress

The correct fitting of the dress will help to get married successfully and attract good luck to the family life.

 Remember a few simple rules, you can avoid unexpected, unpleasant surprises. Try on a wedding dress wearing white lingerie. Underwear of the same color should be worn on the wedding day.

During the fitting, you cannot take an unmarried girl with the same name as an assistant as she can steal the bride’s fate. On the wedding day, a married woman should help the bride put on her dress.

Do not let anyone else try on your wedding dress as this will contribute to frequent fights between spouses. You cannot try on a wedding dress if you are not going to get married. It is believed that you can scare the future groom.

You need to show the outfit to the closest people only. The fewer people will see you in it before the wedding, the better.

If you want to try on a dress, do not take any sharp and stabbing accessories that can be hurt, as the blood on the wedding dress is very bad luck.

Wedding Dress After the Wedding

Wearing your wedding dress after the wedding is not prohibited, but the dress should not be sold.

In any case, do not throw it away and do not burn it as this can have an extremely negative impact on your life and undermine physical health and mental balance greatly. Besides, you can't throw away your veil.

If you are getting married for the second time, you should choose a dress that is not white as it is believed that the woman has already lost her innocence and purity, and it is recommended to replace the veil with other accessories such as a tiara or a hat.