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Choose a Veil


How to Choose a Bridal Veil

A wedding veil is a very beautiful accessory symbolizing the purity, elegance, and femininity of the girl. In addition, it is believed that the veil helps to protect the bride from the evil eye. What should the veil of the bride be, what are the requirements for choosing this important wedding accessory?

Choose a Veil for the Dress

To these two important details of the wedding dress combined, it is important to choose them at the same time, or first make a choice of the bride's dress, and only then pick up a veil. This approach to the acquisition will allow you to see what type of veil effectively sets off and complements the dress.

Accents and Style of Wedding Dress

Before choosing a veil is to carefully assess, which part of the dress is the most attractive and at what points it is necessary to focus: on the nice top, beautiful details on the back, lush skirt, etc. Depending on the accents of the dress, you need to choose the length and width of the veil, which should not cover up important details. The main thing, in this case, is not to overload the look as a whole. When choosing a veil, try to remember some key points:

  • keep the veil transparent;
  • for a classic style dress, choose a veil decorated with a large number of details;
  • a long veil should not be combined with a short wedding dress;
  • a short veil without much decorations doesn't go well with a custom dress.

Color of the Dress and Veils

The color of the veil can be different: white, pink, gold, beige, ivory, etc. the main thing when choosing a color is that it should match the color of the dress. For example, a white dress should not go with a veil of ivory because, in such a look, the contrast will be noticeable.

Veil Length

To determine the optimal length of the veil, you can try on the dress with different options. The length of this wedding accessory is subject to the following requirements:

  • a Cathedral (long) veil and should be combined with classic dresses;
  • floor-length veils look well with floor-length dresses;
  • up to the elbow veils can be worn with any wedding dress;
  • up to the fingertips-length is considered the most common option because it is suitable for almost any wedding dress;
  • up to the shoulders veil goes well with shorter dresses decorated with rhinestones, embroidery, and other decorative elements;
  • short veils are a good choice if you need to focus on the accessories on the neck.

The choice of the number of layers also depends on the style of dress. A single layer can give the elegant look of the bride elegance, 2-3-layer will look great with a more romantic outfit. With classic versions of dresses, two or three-layer veil will go well. The stricter the cut of the dress is, the more voluminous veil you can choose. If the dress is more decorated, the veil should be more modest.

Consider the Hairstyle

After you choose a hairstyle for the wedding day, you can start choosing a veil. To make the final choice, you should consult with the hairdresser in advance and review the possible options for hairstyles in catalogs.

An Optional Accessory

Often the bride wants to create a romantic look and decided to add various accessories to a veil (tiara, wreath, flowers, ribbons, etc.) A veil with a tiara goes well with almost any wedding dress. A wreath, which may consist of fresh or artificial flowers, makes the bride look tender and nice. Since a wreath can overload the look, try to choose a more delicate accessory.

When choosing a veil, it is important to consider that it should not only match a wedding dress but also be comfortable to wear. Be creative, listen to recommendations and you will be the most beautiful, gentle, and stylish bride.