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How to Choose Bridesmaids for Your Wedding?

If you have only one best friend, the answer is simple. And what if you are a very sociable person and you have hundreds of friends, girlfriends, good friends, and colleagues with whom you have excellent relationships? And do not forget about the wives and girlfriends of the groom's friends because with them you should also communicate well.

Among such a crowd of girlfriends, even the wisest bride can be confused. How to choose several girlfriends that can follow all the rules: wear dresses in one color, bouquets, wreaths, or flower bracelets? Do not panic, just use these tips and you can easily determine the supporting team.

How Many Girlfriends Should Be There?

Do not follow the stereotypes about the perfect number of girlfriends. Maybe you think that 4-5 is the best number, but you are the one setting the rules.

Who said that you can not have just one girlfriend or a whole team of 10-15 people?

If it is convenient and not too expensive for you, then invite all the girls you would be happy to see as your bridesmaids.

Will You Be Invited in Return?

Many choose girlfriends guided by whether they will invite in response to their wedding when the time comes. Of course, this is too pragmatic, but it may well be a way out of the situation.

There is nothing worse than unjustified expectations when you expect to walk at the wedding of a friend, and you are not invited.

If you are not sure, it is a good idea to discuss with the girls in advance whether they intend to invite you to their wedding in the future so that then there are no fights and arguments.

How Long Have You Known Each Other?

You have the right to make any guest a bridesmaid. But remember that you know a cute and funny colleague for only a couple of months, and with your childhood friend you studied in the same class for more than ten years. Especially if a school friendship has survived over the years, and you have a habit of changing jobs often and losing touch with colleagues.

Therefore, it makes sense to remember how long you have known your friends and think about what is the chances are that your friendship will be still alive in the future.

It would be a shame if looking through the wedding album years later you will not remember the name of the one who was your bridesmaid.

Do You Even Need a Bridesmaid?

Another unwritten rule that you can easily break is that the bride must have a bridesmaid at her wedding. And this is not a must! If you do not want a crowd of admirers in the same dresses, do not invite any bridesmaids.

Friends or Sisters?

You have friends, but there's hardly anyone closer than your sister. If you doubt the choice of girlfriends, then entrust this role to the closest people who are your relatives.

Be that as it may, but your sisters, relatives, and cousins will always be close to you. You are bound not only by human relationships but also by blood ties so this choice may be the best.

No Boys Allowed?

If one or more of your closest friends are male, why shouldn’t they become full members of the "bride gang" and share all the duties and privileges of bridesmaids? It will be unusual and very cute!

Who Is the Most Responsible One?

It makes sense to choose girlfriends from the most reliable girls surrounding you. Being a bridesmaid is not only fun, but it is also a great responsibility and hard work. During the preparation, she needs to endure all the panic attacks and whims of the bride, to give recommendations, help with the choice of dresses, shoes, hairstyles, and even make a wedding decor if asked! Not everyone can cope with such a mission.

So if you know that your best friend is not a very responsible girl, it is a good idea to find a more reliable bridesmaid.

Sister of Your Husband Is Your Sister!

This is true. Now that yours and your spouse's family will be one big family, you will get another sister, if your husband has any. Invite her to become a bridesmaid. It will be a very noble gesture that will make your relationship warm.

Children Will Help

If you have a wedding where there will be couples with children, then you invite them to participate in the ceremony. Flower girls can be your bridesmaids, and their moms can accompany them down the aisle during the ceremony.