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Choose the Wedding Date


How to Choose a Wedding Day

A wedding is a bright event preparing for which you want to take into account all the nuances including the right to choose the date of the celebration.

An application to the registry office can be submitted at least a month before the selected day of marriage registration. But many registry offices, especially in large cities, accept applications in January for the entire wedding season ahead. Therefore, at the beginning of each year, many future newlyweds are in a hurry to book the most convenient date, and it is necessary to take care of choosing a wedding day in advance.

Many registry offices now show the free days for registration online. So, even before going to the registry office, you will be able to pre-select the most suitable date for you. If in the registry office of your city it is not possible, you can choose several best dates for the celebration. This will help you avoid confusion if the desired day will be fully occupied or the remaining dates will be very inconvenient.

Date Selection: Save Enough Time to Prepare for the Wedding

Before you decide on the wedding day, it is important to consider how much time you will need to prepare or it. According to many newlyweds, it takes an average of six months. It is important to properly assess your strength and capabilities because planning a wedding in a short time will certainly turn into a nightmare and a crazy race. Such a long time to prepare is justified. After all, it gives not only the opportunity to save money, organize all aspects of the leisurely, but it is also an opportunity to check the seriousness of the intentions of each of the future newlyweds. In addition, when planning a wedding in advance, you can enjoy the unique status of the bride and groom for a longer period of time.

It is also worth remembering that popular wedding venues, the best photographers, presenters, and musicians, as a rule, must be booked in advance to the selected date to fit it into their busy schedule. Friends and relatives will also have an opportunity to properly prepare for the wedding, and the bride and groom will be able to arrange a vacation at work to freely go on a honeymoon.


Weekends and Fridays are the most popular days for weddings because on weekdays guests are usually busy at work. Due to the increased demand, prices for all wedding services are much higher for these days.

The Possibility to Take a Vacation at Work

Most often, employers allow their employees to take days off to prepare for and enjoy their wedding and honeymoon. And yet the point is to talk to the employers in advance so that after choosing the wedding date you would not have unexpected unpleasant surprises.

Seasonal Preferences

Every time of the year is in its own way nice for a wedding. Weather conditions, the color palette of natural landscapes, and seasonal flowers can affect the choice of the month for the celebration. Think about how you imagine your wedding and what time of year you like best. It is worth remembering that if you, for example, are allergic to flourishing herbs and trees, it is not a good idea to hold a wedding in the spring. And, of course, you need to be prepared for the fact that in the hot wedding season rent and prices for other wedding services will be high. Relatively cheap months for weddings are January, February, March, May, and November, and the most expensive ones are June, July, August, and September.


Probably because most young people want to have a wedding in the warm season, in winter wedding services are often provided with good discounts. Also, in winter, there is a greater chance to choose the date you want, buy the most elegant dress, and choose a great place for a wedding. The only problem may be the winter weather, which sometimes brings surprises in the form of melted snow or severe frosts.


In the spring, you will hardly encounter queues at the registry office. However, it should be kept in mind that this season most weddings have certain popular dates. So, the demand for marriage increases significantly, for example, in the days after Easter as the fasting ends.


Summer weddings are the most common. For the opportunity to hold a celebration in the warm season, you will have to face certain difficulties such as finding experienced wedding agencies, the best reception halls, good wedding cars, etc. They will be in great demand. Therefore, you will need to worry about resolving these issues as soon as possible.


This season is suitable for weddings: the weather is not too hot, many wedding salons offer discounts, the honeymoon during this season can be spent anywhere, and the prices of many products are reduced. In addition, the vacation time is over, so you will be able to see most of the guests at the wedding table.

Careful choice of the date of the wedding celebration is important because it requires taking into account many nuances and organizing a well-prepared celebration.